New CS13 Series Conservation Seeders

Frontier Implements
Key Features
  • Rear cultipacker ensures good seed-to-soil contact
  • Seedboxes available in multiple configurations
  • Ground-driven spiked front rollers
  • iMatchTM compatible

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Seedboxes available in multiple configurations
Multiple seedbox configurationsMultiple seedbox configurations

Available in multiple options, the CS Series seedboxes can be ordered to best suit the producer's requirements. Up to four configurations are available:

  • Standard large-grain box
  • Native grass box
  • Small-seed legume box
  • Fertilizer box

Seedboxes can also be disengaged to perform soil aeration and dethatching.

Accurately control the ground speed with ground-driven spiked rollers
Spiked rollers for perfect seed-to-soil contactSpiked rollers for perfect seed-to-soil contact

The CS Series Seeders are ground driven with the front rollers aggressively turning the back roller 40 percent faster. This allows the operator to more accurately control the ground speed at which they travel.


Frontier™ conservation seeders gently till the ground and create the perfect seedbed for new seeding jobs, while also allowing the operator to seed into existing grass and pasture.

Rear cultipacker ensures good seed-to-soil contact
Rear cultipacker firms and smoothes seedbedRear cultipacker firms and smoothes seedbed

Rear cultipacker rings compact and level the seedbed, ensuring good seed-to-soil contact. They are available in two choices:

  • Corrugated reinforced nylon
  • Cast iron

An exclusive torque arm helps maintain a constant adjustable down pressure on the rear of the cultipacker.


Working width 213 cm
84 in.
Overall width 249 cm
98 in.
Unit length 193 cm
76 in.
Unit height 137 cm
54 in.
Base machine 948 kg
2,090 lb
Small seed box 39 kg
86 lb
Stainless steel fertilizer box 104.8 kg
231 lb
Native grass box 145.6 kg
321 lb
Second large seed box 104.8 kg
231 lb
Cast iron wheels 111.1 kg
245 lb
Tractor compatibility
Minimum horsepower 37 kW
50 hp
3-point type Category 1, Category 2
iMatch™ compatible
Quik-coupler Category 2
Box capacity
Large seed 0.2907 m3
8.25 bu
Fertilizer 0.2907 m3
8.25 bu
Native grass seed 0.2907 m3
8.25 bu
Legume, small seed .0747 m3
2.12 bu
Front spike outside diameter 50 cm
19.75 in.
Front spike (quantity) 132
Rear spike outside diameter 50 cm
19.75 in.
Rear spike (quantity) 150
Rear cultipacker Nylon
StandardCast iron
Spike material AR-500 steel
Drive ratio
Spike roller 15:20
Seed box 17:28
Set-up time
Labor hour One
Time period 1 year